It’s very quiet at work this week, and there are only three of us IT folk actually in the office (out of maybe 20 normally).  We decided this Friday to take a longish lunch and my friend Kev drove us down to a restaurant that he has been raving about recently in Maroubra in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Kokoroya.

Japanese food would probably have to be at the top of my list of favourite types of food, and I figured it would be difficult to please me.  The way Kev has been talking about it though, I did have high expectations.  I never expected my expectations to be so amazingly exceeded however!

This being one of Kev’s favourite restaurants (and I can understand why), we ceded the ordering to him, and he did a fantastic job.

The deluxe sashimi platter consisted of salmon, tuna, kingfish, prawn and scallop sashimi, and each were so fresh, and so divine that I think they would have to more than top my nicest sashimi experiences (even beating sashimi bars at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fishmarkets!).

The tuna was absolutely amazing, like the rest of the sashimi, it was so tender, the way that sashimi should be.  It all tasted so fresh, and was cut so perfectly that I seriously do not have the vocabulary to describe it.

The two different cuts of Kingfish, and the salmon were also equally amazing.  The scallop sashimi was beautiful, and just kind of melted in your mouth, and for the first time ever I actually enjoyed the taste of the accompanying salmon roe.  The prawn sashimi was fantastic, and also a highlight.

The beef tataki was seared just the perfect amount, and remaining quite raw on all but the very outer edges.  This was served with a ponzu sauce (Japanese citrus fruit sauce).  One of us, Niazi, is a well done steak kind of man, and has never had raw beef before.  He fell in love with it after tasting this particular beef tataki!

We also ordered the soft shell crab sushi, which was nice.  Soft shell crab never seems to disappoint!  I think had this been our only dish, it would have been fantastic, but the sashimi and tataki were in a completely different league and lifted the game so much that the soft shell crab kind of fell into the shadow.  There was a whole crab used, and you could really taste the crab, unlike some soft shell crabs that you can get.

We also ordered the mixed sashimi oyster, which came with more salmon, tuna and kingfish sashimi, as well as a half-dozen natural oysters.  The oysters even were some of the nicest, creamiest fresh oysters I’ve had, I’m not sure how or why.

All in all, everything tasted as if it was caught to order.  It was an amazing meal, and definitely rivals Toko in Surry Hills.

The damage: $112 for the three of us, including sparkling mineral water and tea

Nick’s rating: ***** (five out of five)

The address:

Shops 1 & 2, 665-667 Anzac Parade