A couple of years ago we had the unfortunate predicament of being in a town in New Zealand of which Lonely Planet opens its guide with: “Boy racers in souped-up cars and girls with souped-up hair-dos hint at the fact that there’s not much to do around here.”  This town was Invercargill, and any Kiwi will tell you it’s a horrid, boring place.

We luckily only had a night there, so we decided there was nothing else to do but to see a movie.  Mamma Mia was playing at this time, and Mikey wanted to see it.  I begrudgingly agreed, and went into it thinking “oh God, here come the two most boring hours of my life”, but came out singing ABBA songs with a giant smile on my face.

Mamma Mia of course was a musical before it became a Hollywood blockbuster.  Mikey had seen it several years ago in Melbourne, and of course was very keen on seeing it in Sydney, as was I.  We had the pleasure of seeing it last weekend at Star City’s Lyric Theatre.

Now, I’m a massive theatre fan and keep running out of people I can convince to go and see more and more plays with.  This was my first play of the year, and sadly there aren’t too many that I have coming up, so I made the most of it.

As usual for a Saturday, I was significantly hungover after having quite a massive night in Waterloo and then Manly.  My only memory of the trip home was the cab driver turning the wrong way into my one-way street thus getting done by the red light camera and screaming that I had to pay for it as he wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t hailed him down in Manly in the first place.  Anyway, hangover aside, I still managed to down a few drinks and go into the theatre feeling a teeny weeny bit tipsy (possibly still drunk from Friday night).

Umm, back to the point of this blog entry…  Mamma Mia was fantastic.  I don’t think I lost my smile the entire show, and of course had ABBA songs stuck in my head for days to come.

Mamma Mia is a real feelgood show, and it’s remaining days in Sydney are severely limited, so if you can get your hands on some tickets, check it out while you still can!

Nick’s rating: **** (four out of five)