Ribs & Rumps has long been a favourite with locals in Manly.  It wasn’t until my company shafted me out to North Ryde that I discovered it was actually a chain, as there is a restaurant here too.

Sadly it is pretty much the only decent restaurant nearby the office now, not quite like the city :'(

Anyway, it means we do go there a fair bit for lunches on Fridays and the sort.  I was there last Friday, and finally ordered something which I’ve been meaning to for a while…

Grover and I decided to go halves in the mixed grill.  You get an assortment of Ribs & Rumps meats, chips & an egg.  What a perfect lunch!  You get a half rack of beef ribs, a half rack of lamb ribs, a sirloin steak, two or three lamb cutlets and a great tasting beef snag.  There is too much food here for one, it even sounds like a lot for two, but it’s pretty much the perfect amount.

The beef ribs were fantastic, the lamb ribs okay, the steak okay, the lamb cutlets great and the sausage amazing.  The chips are always nice here as well.

Niazi ordered the half rack of beef ribs as usual, and as usual enjoyed them thoroughly!

I’d have to say that the variety of this particular meal probably made it the best Ribs & Rumps run I’ve had.  I was once told by the owner of Moonshadow Grille in Martin Place many years ago that food always tastes so much better when you have small serves because you’re left wanting more.  Combine this with small serves of different food and you have a match made in heaven!  Particularly if the food is actually designed to compliment each other like in degustation.

A giant pile of red meat goes together just fine however.

The lamb ribs were quite fatty, which I guess is probably normal for lamb ribs, but isn’t really my favourite thing.

The sirloin steak, cooked medium rare was nice, but definitely not a great cut from none-too-special a beast.

The sausage was seriously one of the nicest sausages I’ve had, it had a bit of spice to it, and a lot of meat to it.

The beef ribs are what made the meal however.  Juicy, tender, not too fatty, covered in a perfect BBQ sauce, just splendid!

I always get a peri peri sauce on the side to dip my chips in, and occasionally the steak if it’s not that great.

In recent months I’ve also had several other meals at Ribs & Rumps, to varying degrees of success.

The wagyu rib eye steak, which the menu claims will be “one of the best steaks you will ever eat!”, however I didn’t find it that great at all.  It has a marble score of only 4+ (9+ is the highest for Australian wagyu), and it really didn’t taste that different to any old rib eye.  I’ve had Australian angus steaks which are much nicer than this.

The Texas steak, which is a char-grilled rump served on the table on a sizzling skillet and topped with onions and garlic is fantastic.  One of my favourite items on the menu.

Ribs & Rumps also make a mean burger if you feel so inclined (just as I do once in a while).

On my most recent visit I had a glass of the Brokenwood Nebiolo, which was a nice accompaniment to the meat.  As was the Knappstein Lager I had.  Knappstein Lager is actually one of my favourite beers these days.

The only downside I have to say is the service.  It can take you over 10mins sometimes to get the attention of a waiter, and I have had them forget things on more than one occasion.  On the most recent visit, we also had our table cleared, asked if we wanted desserts or coffee, and on saying “no, just the cheque please”, received moist towelettes and toothpicks, but had to ask twice more for the cheque over the next 10mins.

The damage: $48.95 for the mixed grill, split in two but excluding drinks

Nick’s rating: **** (four out of five, but only because the food is so damn good)