My uphill epic battle to find gastronomic solace in my new work suburb of North Ryde in Sydney took us to one of the better places today.

Kev, Craig and I paid a visit to a place we’d been meaning to for some time now, Taiyoh on Coxs Road for lunch.  It’s a tad too far to walk from the office, so Kev drove us down.

The menu was comprehensive, and had all the favourites, along with some specialities of their own.

We decided to go with edamame (salty steamed soy beans) and beef tataki (slightly seared raw slices of beef) for entrées, and a deluxe sashimi plate and spicy salmon roll for our mains, accompanied by Asahi to drink (bottled).

The edamame wasn’t the best I’ve had.  It was still highly addictive and warm, but it didn’t seem salty or juicy enough.

Likewise, the beef tataki didn’t seem as flavourful as usual.  It was very thinly sliced, and it tasted like it was still a bit frozen, almost crunchy but melting at the same time.  The ponzu sauce it was served in (a Japanese citrus sauce) was okay.

The deluxe sashimi plate came next.  Complete with 31 slices of sashimi I almost creamed myself when it came out.  I always love it when sashimi platters get placed on a table in front of me!  Given the entrées however, I didn’t have high hopes for the sashimi.

Thankfully I was wrong!  This dish was the saving grace of Taiyoh. The salmon and kingfish were quite good.  One of the cuts of kingfish was extremely tender; almost melt in your mouth tender.  The tuna was good also.  It was one of my better recent sashimi experiences.

We’ll definitely be paying Taiyoh a visit again at some stage.

The damage: $110 for the three of us, including drinks

Nick’s rating: *** (three out of five stars)