Last weekend we went up to the Gold Coast for Danny’s birthday.  So, on the Saturday night we went out for a birthday dinner for him to Ristorante Fellini at Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast.

Mikey and I had eaten here once before, a couple of years ago and recall it being a very pleasant experience.

The wine list is quite comprehensive, and the menu had quite a few options (the majority being entrées which can be ordered as a main size).

This time, I opted for the filetto di manzo, which is the scotch fillet, I asked them to cook it rare.  There were eight of us this night, and it took close to an hour after ordering for our food to be on the table.  We were enjoying the conversation, so this was no big deal for us this night.

When it arrived, it was nice.  It was cooked perfectly, and the steak was a nice enough cut, however there was a bit too much really chewy fat for my liking.  It was served with some sort of subtle smoky, BBQ like sauce which complimented it well.  It was served with mashed potato, and an eggplant and capsicum timbale (the vegetables baked in a round mould).

I also tried the ravioli di anatra, which is duck ravioli.  I tried this a couple of years ago and it was divine, just as it was this time.  The linguette allo zafferano, which was linguini with Moreton Bay bug meat, and was lovely.  This was also something I’d tried here before and loved.

Previously I’ve also tried the soft shell crab, granchi soffici fritti, which was brilliant.  This was a couple of years ago however.

We had some baked baby potatoes, patate in padella, as a side and they were great.

All in all, a nice restaurant with a good atmosphere.

The damage: $500 for eight mains, sides and four bottles of wine

Nick’s rating: **** (four out of five stars)