It has been months since I’ve had Korean BBQ.  I’ve had a hankering for it for ages, and so last night we decided to do it.

Strathfield is as close to Little Korea as Sydney gets, in fact the Sydney Morning Herald called it “Sizzler Central”, referring to the innumerable number of Korean BBQ joints there.  Having only eaten à la carte at Strathfield Korean restaurants before, we figured this would be a great BBQ opportunity.

After a quick Google, we discovered Bakehouse Garden in North Strathfield.

George St in Strathfield is a very surprising find.  Full of nice looking restaurants and people dressed well, you would swear you weren’t in the western suburbs (albeit the inner west).  Nothing against Sydney’s western suburbs, of course!

The restaurant looked chic and modern (at least for a Korean restaurant), and there was a pretty even mix of Koreans and Caucasians.  This at first was a little concerning, as generally a majority Korean mix tends to be indicative of a good Korean restaurant in Sydney.

Let me tell you though, this was completely unfounded!

We started off with the fried dumpling.  This was basically gyoza with a little bit of a different taste.  Very good, nonetheless.

Next came the BBQ meat.  I should mention first that the BBQs at Bakehouse Garden are not gas powered as often is the case, but charcoal, which may be partly to blame for the amazing flavours which ensued.

We ordered the wagyu rib beef, the spicy marinated pork and the ox tongue.  This was the perfect amount for the two of us and filled us quite nicely.

The wagyu rib beef was a very nice, tender cut of steak.  It was marbled as it should be, but probably didn’t have too high a marble grading.  It was very thin and a bit tricky to remember to cook it only very briefly while there was other meat on the BBQ cooking.

The spicy marinated pork was lovely.  It could have been a bit more spicy (everything to me could be a bit more spicy!), but nice n0netheless.

The ox tongue was probably the highlight.  The only time I ever have ox tongue is at Korean or Japanese BBQ, and it generally always is the highlight!

This was a great restaurant, with a lovely atmosphere and I’m certain we will be attending again.  This is up there with Seoul Ria as one of my two favourite Sydney Korean BBQs.

The damage: $84 for the two of us, including a couple of Cass Korean beers

Nick’s rating: ***.5 (three and a half stars out of five) – this rating probably would be higher, but since eating at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul, nothing seems to compare :s