You may have guessed, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with sashimi, and to a lesser extent sushi.

Since my office moved to North Ryde, I’ve been meaning to try Mitzu, the sushi train joint at Macquarie Centre.  At first look, the idea of a sushi train inside a shopping centre doesn’t exactly instil a lot of confidence.

I went there on my own yesterday, and I have to say it was one of the better sushi train experiences I’ve had.  I eat at sushi train places every now and then, but more out of convenience than seeking brilliant, fresh food.  I’ve never eaten at a sushi train that can compete with a proper Japanese restaurant that specialises in sashimi & sushi such as Toko in Surry Hills or Kokoroya in Maroubra.

As far as sushi trains go however, Tomodachi at Broadway & Rhodes are quite good, as are Sushi Rio on Sussex Street and Makoto in Chatswood.  Mitzu was probably at this same level.  The produce was nice and there was a nice range to select from.

The salmon and kingfish sashimi was cut well, and was good quality fish.  It did taste warm and not too fresh, no doubt a result of the standard sushi train problem of the food going around in circles for quite some time before it’s eaten.

Next, I decided to try the salmon aburi (grilled salmon on a bed of rice, basically salmon nigiri but slightly seared).  This was quite nice.  The fish wasn’t flaky and falling apart like it often can be when salmon is cooked.  This was a nice recovery from the not so great sashimi!

Next up I tried the fried dumplings.  I’m not sure what exactly was in them, but it was probably pork.  It came with some sweet chilli sauce on the plate underneath the dumplings.  These were quite nice, often they’re not too good when cold, but these were definitely good.

To finish up I had something which I haven’t seen at a sushi train before, but was a delightful addition.  Yakitori.

I love yakitori, and teriyaki, the thing is, I never want to really eat a whole meal of it, as the sweetness can often get a bit sickly.

At Mitzu, their yakitori comes as two small, almost bite sized skewers, the perfect size in my opinion!

All in all, Mitzu was a fairly good experience, for a sushi train, and if you’re in the area and having a hankering for sushi, drop in!

The damage: $25 for myself, including Japanese tea

Nick’s rating: *** (three out of five stars)