I love chilli.  I can’t get enough chilli.  Nothing is ever hot enough for me.  I used to go into Indian restaurants and ask for them to make their vindaloo as hot as they possibly could, and then some.

So I’ve decided it’s finally time to eat something which I know I can’t handle, and will hopefully shut me up about needing something hotter forever.

This is the bhut jolokia, also known as the ghost pepper.

It is certified as the hottest chilli in the world by the Guiness Book of World Records, after tests performed by the New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute, apparently the most authoritative academic source of information on chillies in the world.

You can’t seem to buy these things as chillis in Australia.  I’m assuming that there would be such a low market for something like this, that the things would be off by the time they’re sold.

I’ve found it is possible to buy seeds on eBay, however…

And thus begins, the first of hopefully a two or three part post on my odyssey with the ghost pepper.

Apparently it’s very difficult to germinate these things from seeds.  I’ve planted about 10 seeds in total, in three different peat pots.  I’m keeping two on top of the fridge (one of them covered loosely in glad wrap), and the other is sitting outside covered loosely in glad wrap.

This is the first thing I’ve ever actually grown from a seed, in fact it’s probably the first plant of my adult life, so I really have no hope of these things actually germinating.

So, once again, eBay to the rescue!  I found a guy in Canberra who every few weeks puts an auction up for a young bhut jolokia plant.  I was somewhat dubious about having a plant sent to me through the postal service, but it arrived this morning and looks wonderful!

I’m really hoping that I don’t kill this, and quite literally get to reap the fruits… (sorry, I couldnt’ resist).

Anyway, stay tuned for an update, and hopefully within a few months we’ll see a video of me actually eating the world’s hottest chilli!