Mmmmmm Korean food.

Mikey & I had lunch at Ashfield BBQ Korean Restaurant today, which is up the road from his place.  I woke up with a bit of a shocking hangover (typical Saturday morning!), and when he suggested this I was out the door before he could finish the sentence!

We couldn’t resist going with a hotpot.  For the uninitiated, Korean hotpot is a soup which is cooked on the table, and shared amongst everyone.  We ordered the spicy pork and kim chi (asked for it extra spicy).

There was enough here to serve at least four people!  It was fantastic, and disappointing when we got full as we couldn’t keep eating it!  As promised, it came with a little extra spice, and contained obviously pork and kim chi, but also contains noodles and tofu.

The sides were great, some very nice kim chi, gamja jorim (Korean potato side dish) was to die for, and the seaweed salad was okay.

The damage: $60 for the two of us, including four Hite Korean beers.  We got a doggy bag and there was enough food left to feed us dinner also.

Nick’s rating: **** (four out of five stars)