Every now and then I go to David Jones on Market St on a Thursday night to do a bit of shopping.

Inevitably, I end up in the basement in the Food Hall when I’m done with my shopping.

This is the place in the Sydney CBD for high quality gourmet produce, such as marble grade 6+ wagyu beef, fine cheeses, good pâté, spatchcock, rabbit and just about anything else that you often can’t get at your local supermarket or butcher.

The also have several dine-in “bars”.  One of my regulars is the Sushi Bar.  Tonight, as usual, I had sashimi.

I opted for the large assorted sashimi platter, which comes with 22 pieces; a mix of salmon, kingfish and tuna.

It often depends on the day, however usually it is quite good.  Last night it was very good.  It ticked all the boxes in Nick’s trademarked sashimi tasting guide:

– Tastes fresh <TICK>

– Tender as <TICK>

– Presented nicely <TICK>

Obviously that’s a very basic guide, goes into no detail and says nothing really about the quality of what I ate.

What I will say is this was relatively high quality sashimi, particularly the tuna which just seem to melt on contact with my tongue.

It is a very casual dining experience, and one of the best places in the CBD for sashimi that is so casual that I feel comfortable enough going on my own.  It’s not a restaurant, it’s almost like a food court.

The damage: $22.95, no drinks

Nick’s rating: *** (three out of five stars)