After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m finally back in action!

It has taken something I’ve wanted to try for years to force me back into it.

Kopi Luwak is a coffee made from beans which have been partially digested by the small, cat like Asian Palm Civet.

Until recently, the only place I knew of in Australia which served this delicacy was a café in Townsville, and was charging AU$50 a cup for it.

This has all changed of late.  Apparently the coffee was featured in the movie The Bucket List, and since, demand has grown.

This is good news for coffee lovers everywhere.

I had the pleasure of having a Kopi Luwak espresso recently at Olio at St. Leonard’s in Sydney’s North Shore area.

At AU$9 a cup, it definitely isn’t priced like your average coffee, but it was worth every last cent.

The coffee has next to no bitterness, the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted.  This is due to the way the beans are digested.

The civet selects only the sweetest, most ripe coffee berries (which contain the bean).  Then, as the bean passes through the animal’s digestive system, various enzymes enter the beans, which result in several slight biochemical changes.  These changes are what make the bean so smooth and lack of bitterness.

Olio serves their Kopi Luwak with a shot of soda water, lemon and ginger to cleanse the palette, and a ginger biscuit with a delicious ball of chocolate and nut to have afterwards/during drinking the coffee.