William Yang is possibly my favourite photographer.

I’m sure it’s both a mix of his talent, and that of his subject matter which quite often is subculture in Sydney.

William must be in his 60s now, and My Generation chronicles the life of his friends in the 1970s and 1980s Sydney art and gay scenes.

Yang’s preferred way of showcasing his work is by performance.  He basically guides the audience through a 90min slideshow, where he discusses the photos that are being displayed on large projection screens behind him.

The show ends with the poignant statement that William’s photos are like his children, and will be his legacy long after his death.

I hope to get the chance to see more of William Yang in the future!

It’s on until this coming Saturday at the Carriageworks, so get in while you still can!

Nick’s rating: **** (four out of five stars)